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Getulio Vargas Foundation was created in 1944 and its initial objective was to prepare qualified staff for the public and private administration of the country. At the time, Brazil already started to launch the basic growth that it will confirm decades later. Foreseeing the arrival of a new time, the FGV expanded its focus of performance, and of restricted field of administration and passed to the amplest of social sciences. What?s more, the university surpassed the borders of education and advanced in research areas and information till turning itself into synonymous of excellence and quality centre. Thanks to the likes of Luiz Narciso Alves de Mattos, Eugenio Gudin, Themistocles Brando Cavalcanti, Alexandre Kafka, Octavio Gouva de Bulhes, Emlio Mira, opes and Henrique Simonsen whose talents, actions and will helped FGV overcome all obstacles. Due to their vision, leaders, executives, politicians and students continuously renew the confidence in the principles of the institution, fortifying its prestige inside and outside the country. The goods, products and services offered by Getulio Foundation Vargas contributed in permanent manner, for the rise of productivity and the competitiveness of a great number of companies and for improvement of municipal, state, and federal organizations. The solid knowledge...


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