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Fundao Dom Cabral, a center to develop executives, businessmen and companies, dialogues with and listens to organizations, building integrated educational solutions with them. FDC is focused on forming teams to interact critically and strategically in companies. FDC believes that company?developing solutions are found in the organization itself. Synergy with companies is the end result of the link between theory and practice, strengthened by the interactive work of FDC?s technical team, which smoothly combines academic formation and business experience. FDC?s genesis dates back to 1976, when it started as a spin-off of the Minas Gerais Catholic University?s Extension Center. A non-profit public interest institution, Fundao Dom Cabral has for 28 years maintained a solid international articulation, thus ensuring its access to world leading producers of management technology and to the cutting edge of business thinking. Having trained thousands of executives ? in constant integration with their companies ? FDC has become the national benchmark in its industry, being an active participant in the enhancement of the managerial capabilities and overall development of Brazilian businesses. Its open and in-house programs annually attract some 9,000 executives from medium and large companies. Studies on companies and their management in Brazil are produced in FDC?s...


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