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From attacks on our digital infrastructure to the rearranging of the Healthcare system. From the Future of Cities to the theft of our Privacy. From the Disruption of every imaginable industry to Harnessing Data for the Good of Citizens. These are the problems on our mind.

The unique pairing of our two schools, the School of Public Policy and Management and the School of Information Systems and Management, offers an academic experience unlike any other.

Heinz College offers a broad specrtum of postgraduate specializations that combine technology, policy, analytics and management, including:

Business Intelligence


Data Analytics

Energy Systems and Public Policy

Environmental Policy

Financial Management and Analysis

Health Care Management

Health Policy

International Trade and Development

Machine Learning


Music Industry Management

Non-Profit Management

Performing Arts Management

Policy Analysis

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Technology Policy

TV and Film Industry Management

Urban and Regional Economic Development

Visual Arts Management

Stopping electronic intrusion of the nations most critical IT networks. De-incentivizing piracy of online music and movies. Influencing teenagers not to make an emotional Facebook post that will follow them for the rest of their lives. These are some of the problems of our age. And these are some of the problems that students and faculty at Carnegie Mellons Heinz College use analytics to study and solve.We prepare students with a unique ability to conduct careful and objective analysis of relevant data, to understand and leverage the power of information technology, and to lead and implement change in managerial and policy contexts. In key areas of the global economy, thought leaders with a unique set of skills at the intersection of policy, technology and management are in great demand. Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz III College is perfectly positioned to develop these leaders.


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